Topdown Charts is all about generating timely, actionable, and thought provoking investment insights with a uniquely intense focus on chart-driven research. Our purpose is to provide the portfolio manager with the insights and ideas to make their life easier in their quest to deliver superior client outcomes.

Callum Thomas
Head of Research

Callum Thomas is the Head of Research and is also founder and managing shareholder/director of Topdown Charts Limited. 

Callum has a background in multi-asset investment strategy on the buyside and has built up strong research and analytical expertise for generating global macro driven investment insights.  Callum's vision in creating this business is to serve as a vital resource for portfolio managers on idea generation and in informing their macro view.  The secondary aim is to be a resource to leverage in their client communications and external facing insights with clients encouraged to use our charts.

Why us?

The weekly publication is a one-stop guide to global macro driven multi asset investing, it contains material on timely issues such as market corrections, data releases, central bank decisions, major events. It also presents more timeless ideas such as expected returns, asset class relationships, longer running macro themes and other slower moving market issues.


You will find an excellent balance between markets and investment ideas and economic trends and big picture context. The Topdown Charts blog provides a glimpse into the types of material we cover. Aside from the key issues and major markets and trends we take pride in developing new and innovative indicators, uncovering obscure datasets and analytical techniques, and delving into the ocassional non-mainstream investment ideas. You will get something different from this publication - believe me.

Where do we fit?

In a world of too much information, the weekly macro themes provides a punchy yet encompasing read. It can easily act as a standalone research resource, particularly for smaller more resource constrained institutions, but it will also act as a valuable complement to the usual suite of broker and independent research that pretty much every one gets.

What are you waiting for?

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